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COAST Introduces New Model of Emergency Area Light for Emergency Situations

Developer of LED lighting products, COAST has introduced a new model to the emergency area lighting series.

Emergency Area Light

The Emergency Area Light (EAL) is ideal for road emergencies and power outages. It is also useful for professional and general outdoor usage.

Powered using four D batteries, the EAL operates for a maximum of 125 hours on a single set of batteries. The EAL does not use flame, matches or propane and can be used for outdoor or indoor lighting purposes. The light output of the EAL can be altered using the push button on/off switch with a Variable Light Technology, which enables users to select the ideal level of lighting for every task.

The EAL offers four different light output choices - The Solid Red, Emergency Strobe, Solid White and Multiple White Levels. The Solid Red option is a red light that does not impact night vision and is ideal for utilization as a signal light. The Emergency Strobe is a flashing red strobe light for utilization as an emergency signal. The Solid White option generates 125 lm of white light for illuminating a 20 x 20 room. The Multiple White Levels utilize Variable Light Technology to provide the ideal lighting level for a task.


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