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Next Generation of Outdoor Area Lighting is Here with GE Evolve LED Series Area Light

The next generation of outdoor area lighting is here with the GE Evolve™ LED Series Area Light from GE Lighting Systems, Inc. GE's new area light combines the latest in LED system electronics, thermal management, mechanical and optical design to make the advantages of LED lighting a practical reality in parking lots and general lighting applications. It delivers 30 percent energy savings compared with traditional metal halide lighting while providing an estimated 10-year service life (50,000-hour rated life) that is four times the recommended service interval of a standard HID system.

The GE Evolve(TM) LED Series Area Light delivers energy savings and efficient lighting for parking lots and general lighting applications. (Photo: Business Wire)

Additionally, it significantly improves light-level uniformity with the LEDs more effectively throwing light where it is intended, reducing hot spots and dark spots. The result is less reflected light and improved utilization for a positive impact on property appearance, security and pedestrian visibility. It also offers significantly reduced glare at all viewing angles compared with HID lamps.

“GE continues to bring to market innovative white LED system technology,” says Andrew Lindstrom, senior product manager, GE Lighting Systems. “Our new GE Evolve LED Area Light is a real-world, GE-quality LED solution for retail and municipal users. It delivers greater energy efficiency and lower lifetime costs, and redefines the idea of energy efficient outdoor lighting.”

Consuming from 97 to 214 watts (depending on the lighting distribution pattern), the GE Evolve LED Area Light replaces traditional 400-watt HID systems that can spill and waste light. It also improves visibility and quality of light with a comparatively higher color temperature (5700K) versus standard HID and a 70-plus color-rendering index. GE accomplishes this with lower lumens and energy savings because the fixture's advanced optical design leverages the LED characteristics to precisely deliver light. Evolve luminaires using LEDs are RoHS compliant and contain no mercury or lead.

GE Lighting Systems developed the outdoor LED area light in partnership with Lumination, LLC, GE's globally established LED systems company with expertise in LED-based signal, signage, architectural, display and white LED lighting systems. The new area light underwent comprehensive testing and performance validation through a Six Sigma process rigor, which supports product reliability and performance claims.

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