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Synergetics Introduces Disposable Laser Probes

Synergetics USA, Inc. announced today the introduction of several new, patentable, disposable laser probes into its product line. Frequently, a retinal surgeon will be required to shoot upwards of a thousand laser shots into the retina in order to reattach a detached retina during a given procedure. These new laser probes will enable the surgeon to provide either a multi-spot pattern or treat a wider field, thereby saving the surgeon significant amounts of time in the operating room.

"This advance will allow Synergetics to once again take the technological leadership position in the marketplace and provide a major advance in the form of time savings to the retina surgeon," said Gregg D. Scheller, President and Chief Executive Officer of Synergetics USA, Inc. "Pan Retinal Photocoagulation (PRP) treatments consume a major block of time in the operating room during a typical retinal procedure. These new laser probes enable the surgeon to deliver multiple spots or geometric patterns to a much larger treatment field. This represents a major advance in surgical retina treatments."

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