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Breakthrough in Therapeutic Laser Treatment to Speed Pain Relief

Multi Radiance Medical, a leading developer of therapeutic laser devices, announces a breakthrough in technology with TerraQuant, a clinically proven, FDA 510(k)-cleared, therapeutic laser device that offers relief to chronic and acute pain sufferers, including Olympians and professional athletes. Combining 25,000 milliwatts of peak power with the world's fastest super pulsed laser, TerraQuant delivers pulses at billionths of a second, producing a high-energy density that is absorbed deep into the tissue, accelerating pain relief. Using exclusive Multi Radiance Technology, TerraQuant safely delivers photons to help heal damaged cells.

TerraQuant is the world's first pain-relief modality to synergistically incorporate multiple therapeutic radiances into one technology. These radiances include super pulsed laser, pulsed infrared, red light and static magnetic field. This unique, exclusive combination provides the optimal environment for fast pain relief. It also allows for deep tissue penetration, from the surface to five inches deep. In a clinical study, TerraQuant was shown to have an 88 percent positive effect in relieving pain caused by arthritis in small and medium joints.

TerraQuant is FDA cleared for temporary relief of joint pain and arthritis, muscle spasm and stiffness, for promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and increasing local blood circulation. Doug Johnson, ATC, EES, CLS, and medical consultant to Multi Radiance Medical, states, "TerraQuant is revolutionizing the way we treat pain of all forms, including shoulder, joint, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and fibromyalgia. It is able to influence the source of pain and provide cells with the light and oxygen needed to increase cellular and vascular activity, as well as stimulate nerve function and rapid cell growth."

Chiropractors, athletic trainers and physical therapists use TerraQuant to increase the speed of healing and circulation to the injured area, and to decrease swelling. Johnson adds, "TerraQuant is by far one of the most advanced technologies available on the market today. The unique combination of optimal power, wavelength and frequency is ideal for biostimulation in injured tissues. Not only does it help return my athletes to play faster after an injury, but it also manages clinical patients' pain in a way that is superior to other modalities. Clinicians need to explore the benefits of light therapy and realize the difference it can make in their outcomes."

TerraQuant offers four program presets and a manual mode to help health professionals treat a variety of common conditions, as well as hundreds of protocols for treating specific problems. Treatments, ranging from five to 10 minutes, are recommended for use once or twice daily and can significantly reduce pain in as little as three treatment procedures. Optional dual transmitters enable medical professionals to treat multiple areas at once.

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