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Gallium Indium Arsenic Antimony Lasers – Properties and Applications

Gallium indium arsenic antimony lasers are diode lasers that emit infrared wavelengths. These laser diodes are important sources of lasers, which generate wavelengths of more than 2µm. This laser is a quaternary system that is built on the GaSb substrate. The GaInAsSb layer exhibits high gain as well as good intrinsic properties, and it emits radiation in the range of 2.0-2.5µm. This was first exhibited at the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow.

The GaInAsSb laser is fabricated by liquid phase epitaxy on GaSb substrate. The physical properties and applications of this laser are discussed in the sections below.

Laser Properties

Laser Properties
Laser type Solid
Pump source Electrical Discharge
Operating wavelength 2.0-2.5µm

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical and Chemical Properties
Chemical formula GaInAsSb


The primary application of the GaInAsSb laser is in atmospheric communications.

Some of the other applications of the GaInAsSb laser are listed below:

  • Combined with fluoride fibers in optical communications
  • Molecular spectroscopy for trace gas analysis
  • Laser surgery
  • Atmospheric transmission

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