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Gallium Nitride Laser – Properties and Applications

Gallium nitride laser is a type of semiconductor laser. Semiconductor lasers that are based on gallium nitride are a common type of blue laser - they produce wavelengths lying between 360 and 480 nm, and the colour of these wavelengths is perceived as blue or violet colour by human eye. Of all the gain mediums for semiconductor lasers, gallium nitride (GaN) is considered the best.

GaN semiconductor lasers are capable of producing violet light without the need for frequency doubling. High quality GaN crystals form the p-n junction and when the laser is pumped with electric current lead to emission of blue or violet radiation.

The physical properties and applications of this laser are discussed in the sections below.

Laser Properties

Laser Properties
Laser type Semiconductor
Pump source Electric Discharge
Operating wavelength 0.4 µm

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical and Chemical Properties
Chemical formula GaN
Crystal structure Wurtzite
Melting point >2500°C
Thermal conductivity 2.3 W/cmK


The primary application of GaN laser is in data storage. GaN laser emitting 405 nm wavelength is used in high definition Blu-ray disc recording.

Some of the other applications of the GaN laser are listed below:

  • Telecommunications
  • Information Technology
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Magnetic Levitation devices
  • Micro projectors and displays.


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