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Ytterbium Oxide Lasers - Properties and Applications

Ytterbium oxide is a highly insoluble and thermally stable ytterbium source that is suitable for ceramic, optic and glass applications. Ytterbium-doped glasses and laser crystals have a simple electronic level structure, small quantum defect, long upper-state lifetimes and large gain bandwidth.

Ytterbium oxide lasers have high thermal conductivity, and hence they are ideal for performing high-power operations. Haumesser et al. investigated the spectroscopic and laser properties of seven new ytterbium-doped crystalline materials and found that the materials have large emission tunability range.

Laser Properties

Laser Properties
Laser type Solid
Pump source Laser diode
Operating wavelength 1.03 µm


Ytterbium oxide lasers are used in micromachining, ultrashort pulse research, implants, ablation and other high-power applications.


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