M5000 Fully Automatic Melting Point Meter

The fully automatic M5000 melting point meter from A. Krüss Optronic in Hamburg can automatically measure melting points precisely and repeatably. M5000 melting point meter is an ideal solution for applications in which multiple samples in powder form with melting points between 25°C and 400°C have to be examined in continuous laboratory operation with little time and staff involvement.

Determination of Melting Points

The determination of melting points is one of the basic tasks in chemical-physical analysis. The melting temperature is a characteristic property of substances, by means of which the type and composition of a substance or compound can be determined definitively in many cases. With traditional measurement systems, the sample is heated in a controlled way and determination of the melting temperature is carried out by means of observation with a magnifying glass or under a microscope. As the process can only be carried out once with each sample, the laboratory staff have to remain with and observe the equipment during the whole measurement process. The assessment of the melting point and thus the determination of the melting temperature is therefore carried out subjectively, with the result that different laboratory staff arrive at different results. If a laboratory assistant misses the start of the melting, because he or she is distracted by their surroundings, the sample is spoilt.

M5000 Determines Melting Point Digitally

The M5000 determines the melting point digitally, without human involvement. The laboratory assistant only needs to fill the sample into the measuring capillary tube, insert this into the meter and start the measurement. Within a few minutes, the M5000 runs through the temperature range until the melting point is identified and signals that the measurement is complete by sounding an alarm. Starting from room temperature, a temperature of 300° C is reached in under four minutes, the final temperature of 400°C after 7.5 minutes. The results of the measurement can immediately be read on the clear digital display with a degree of accuracy of 0.1°C and, if required, can be documented by means of an external printer, which can be connected directly to the meter.

Thanks to the integrated cooling fan, the M5000 is soon ready for the next measurement. Accuracy of measurement and repeatability of the results hold up to any comparison. Up to 200°C, the M5000 measures to an accuracy of 0.2°C, above that to 0.5°C. The measurement values can be repeated over the whole temperature range with an accuracy of 0.2°C. Thanks to the digital control, it has been possible to keep the operating parts of the M5000 as simple as possible. The membrane keypad, which is easy to clean, consists of only four keys, two of which are used to select functions from a menu, the third starts the measuring program and the fourth prints out the results via the RS232 serial interface.

The Ease of Use of M5000 Fully Automatic Melting Point Meter

The elegant table-top meter, which is about the size of a telephone, is supplied complete with a protective cover and 100 small melting point tubes. It is particularly suitable wherever samples have to be analyzed and recorded without involving staff too much or taking up too much time, for example for monitoring goods received, for approval inspections on material batches for production, or quality assurance by means of samples taken regularly from continuous production, where results are needed without having to wait for them from the laboratory. Since it is so easy to use, the M5000 does not have to be operated by trained laboratory staff, but can also be used by production staff who have been instructed appropriately.

M5000 Meeting Regulations for Use in Drug Manufacturing

The M5000 meets the regulations of the GLP, FDA and Pharmacopoea Eruopaea for use in the manufacture of drugs. The M5000 is typically used in the chemical industry, such as in the manufacture of plastic and paints, in food production and monitoring, in pharmacology, and also in forensics, where the purity of substances can be determined by its melting behavior.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH.

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