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Flame Photometer - FP8800 from A.KRÜSS Optronic

The FP8800 Flame Photometer from Kruess is used for simple, precise and inexpensive measurement of concentration of alkaline elements in aqueous solutions for analytical applications in process and laboratory. It was developed especially for industrial applications. It features a PROFIBUS DP and two Ethernet interfaces for computer-aided process control (SPC). Two USB-ports are intended for data export (e.g. in .csv format) or firmware update via USB flash drive.

The FP8800 features the use of propane or butane as a fuel gas which allows flame-photometric measuring up to three elements simultaneously. In addition purified and dried air is required.

Measurements can be performed either with or without internal standards. Standard solutions are used for calibration, while control solutions are used to verify results. All samples, controls and standards are presented manually.

The device can be customized flexibly to users´ requests.

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