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Metrology Specialists Buy Non-Contact Optical Measurement Business CogniTens

LED Specialist io Lighting Acquired for Nearly $17 Million

FDA Approve Device that Alleviates Pain During Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena Offer Masters Programme in Optics in Science and Technology

European Commission Looks to Abolish Anti-Dumping Duties on Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Laser Treatment Painlessly Treats Acne, Removes Hair and Rejuvenates Skin Tone

Northrop Grumman Win Contract to Develop Laser Weapon to Shot Down Hostile Missiles

Colarado Telco Startup Swoops on Four Fiber optic Networks

Free Electrron Laser Laboratory in Danger with Cuts to Federal Funding

Laser Ballistic Missile Defense System Successfully Passes Low Power Test

Emcore to Consolidate Fiber Optics Engineering and Design Centers

World's First Live Cryotherapy and Laser Procedures Symposium

Machine Vision System Allows Monitoring of Conveyor Belt Production Lines via Ethernet

High Power LED Lighting Solutions for Domestic Applications

OSRAM LEDs Used in Street Lights

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