Electroluminescence Testing System for HB-LED Epiwafers - LumiMap from Bruker

The LumiMap Electroluminescence System integrates spectral and electrical testing of epitaxial HB-LED wafers in one, simple, intuitive test environment offering instant data without any wafer preparation.

The LumiMap uses a non-destructive touch probe to send controlled current through wafer. This current excites the active GaN layer, causing it to emit light.

Proprietary, patent-pending features of the new metrology system include an innovative wafer edge contact solution, a durable conducting probe and advanced IV curve modelling for precise and repeatable forward voltage (Vf) measurements.

Key Features

The key features of the LumiMap system are:

  • Measures forward and reverse IV characteristics precisely and consistently
  • Characterizes current-induced wavelength, spectral intensity and spectral width
  • Offers long-term Vf accuracy and repeatability via patent-pending probe design and edge contact
  • Enables strong correlation with device-level measurements using advanced IV modelling
  • Shortens acquisition of critical data from days to minutes
  • Provides immediate feedback on MOCVD process quality, with no wafer preparation required
  • Delivers nondestructive, multi-point inspection in seconds


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