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Large-Format Stylus Profiler for Wafer Inspection - Dektak XTL™ from Bruker

The new Dektak XTL™ stylus profiler accommodates 350x350mm samples bringing Dektak reproducibility and repeatability to large-format panel and wafer manufacturing.

The Dektak XTL is compact with pneumatic passive isolation and a fully enclosed workstation having a broad, easily accessible interlocking door making it suitable for challenging production floor environments.

It has a dual-camera architecture enabling improved spatial awareness and its high automation level increases manufacturing output. The exclusive Vision64®Production Interface with pattern recognition can be customized to meet customer needs and renders data collection as a repeatable and intuitive process, reducing operator-to-operator variability.

Key Features

The key features of the new Dektak XTL™ stylus profiler from Bruker are:

  • Bruker-Exclusive Dual Camera Control™
  • Navigate to points of interest fast by clicking in live video
  • Sample to be measured can be quickly oriented by choosing two points in the live video (Make Horizontal)
  • Measurement setup is simplified by point-and-click scan start and end positions in live video (Teach)
  • It is possible to precisely determine program fiducials and unlimited measurement sites via 300mm, automated encoded XY stage and 360-degree theta
  • Reduce errors utilizing Vision64 Production Interface with pattern recognition
  • Program custom user prompts and also other meta data into the recipe and store to the database
  • Easily automate analysis routines using Quick Analyzer, which supports most frequently used analyses
  • Focus the analysis to report only the features required on complex samples using step detection
  • Simplify data analysis by giving each measurement site unique name and automatically log to database


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