ARL EQUINOX 100 for QA/QC and Academic XRD

Thermo Scientific’s ARLTM EQUINOX 100 X-Ray Diffractometer is a specialized XRD tool designed for regular, academic, and QA/QC X-Ray diffraction applications. It is a small, affordable device that takes up about a third of the space of a typical diffractometer.

This benchtop, transportable X-Ray diffractometer gives genuine versatility and does not require external water cooling. It can be connected to a regular electrical power socket. It streamlines operations without compromising on speed or performance. This device completes measurements quickly and records operational conditions in the software.


  • It consists of several sample holders, including a rotating sample holder for transmission and reflection modes, a tiny thin layer attachment, and an automated six-position sample changer.
  • Applications: Environment, mining, metallurgy, education, research, geology, cement, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Enables simultaneous, real-time measurement of the complete two Ɵ ranges without scanning.
  • It has a special EQUINOX curved detector that concurrently analyzes all diffraction peaks across a wide angular range. Regardless of resolution requirements, analysis of the majority of the samples is finished in a matter of minutes.
Benchtop X-ray Diffraction System for Fast and Dynamic Analyses

Video Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Elemental Analyzers and Phase Analyzers

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