ARL™ SMS-2300 Robotics-Based Automation for OES or XRF

The ARL™ SMS-2300 Robotics-Based Automation for OES or XRF from Thermo Scientific™ is an automated quality control solution that has been manufactured to enhance steel production operation. It fulfills stringent steel specifications while increasing efficiency and reducing production costs.

The high-performance ARL SMS-2300 system allows even the highly complicated samples to be made and tested under reproducible conditions in the absence of manual intervention, so subjective factors and human variables are removed. This offers stable outcomes, decreases cost, and provides better output.


Thermo Scientific’s ARL 4460 or ARL iSpark optical emission spectrometers or Thermo Scientific’s ARL 9900 X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer may operate automatically, unattended, around-the-clock with the ARL SMS-2300 Automation for OES or XRF.

Main Features

Listed below are the main features of the ARL SMS-2300 Robotics-Based Automation:


  • Manufactured and maintained according to ISO 9001 procedures
  • Qualified lab personnel released from routine duties
  • Factory configured and customized
  • Integrated electronics
  • More samples processed with the addition of automatic sample preparation solutions including the Haas Mini Mill with Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ PrepControl™ system and Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EasyPrep™ software
  • The full system can be mounted in the Thermo Scientific ARL QuantoShelter and placed very close to the production process
  • Designed for easy integration into fully automatic laboratories
  • Direct access to the Haas Mini Mill milling machine to decrease processing times for ferrous samples. Direct access to other preparation machines also possible (To be defined during project layout).
  • Very rapid payback
  • Tasks are performed in parallel; samples are prepared while other samples are introduced or tested; the instrument stand cleaning is performed in hidden time by the spectrometer, independently of the ARL SMS-2300 robot.
  • Faster results
  • Compact chassis and simplest installation process
  • Improved analysis dependability and quality

Advanced Technology

  • Modern Fanuc industrial robot
  • OXSAS analytical software
ARL SMS-2500 Robotics-based Automation for OES | Thermo Scientific

ARL SMS-2500 Robotics-based Automation for OES | Thermo Scientific. Video Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Elemental Analyzers and Phase Analyzers

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