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Powerful Pulsed Diode Laser Light Source with Short Pulses

Cavitar’s CAVILUX HF UHS is a robust pulsed diode laser light source that features very short pulses and extremely high repetition rates. It is well-suited for ultra-high-speed cameras up to 5 MHz.

The CAVILUX HF UHS can produce pulsed light power of hundreds of watts at just 50 ns pulses. Moreover, the light output is typically monochromatic with a low degree of coherence. This makes CAVILUX HF UHS best suited for illumination purposes, since speckle and chromatic aberrations are completely prevented.


  • Potential to produce pulses up to 5 million frames per second (fps)
  • High brightness and power (up to 500 W combined with a fiber measuring 1.5 mm in diameter)
  • Low-coherence and monochromatic light
  • Minimum pulse length of 50 ns can be achieved
  • High flexibility via fiber optics and variable illumination optics


Users can check out how the CAVILUX HF UHS can be utilized in their field of industry, as well as how Cavitar’s customers have employed it in the applications given below:

  • Materials testing (for example, Hopkinson bar, DIC)
  • Schlieren imaging
  • Flows and sprays
  • Shockwaves

Powerful Pulsed Diode Laser Light Source with Short Pulses

UHS control unit - near view
Light guides
Robust protective transport case of CAVILUX HF System
Tube optics
Filter holder and filter adapter set
Warning light system
Laser safety goggles

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