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Pulsed Diode Laser Light Source for High-Speed Illumination

CAVILUX HF is a robust, versatile, and high-performance pulsed diode laser light source that is well-suited for high-speed cameras. It also serves as a versatile and excellent tool for industrial and scientific research and development work.

Material testing, welding, ballistics and explosions, and flow and spray studies are standard application examples of the CAVILUX HF. This light source can be used with shadowgraphy and Schlieren optical solutions.

CAVILUX HF’s high maximum duty cycle (2%) allows it to work at frame rates of up to several hundreds of thousands of frames per second (fps).


  • Potential to produce pulses at high speed (for example, 20,000 fps) or ultra-high-speed (for example, one million fps)
  • High brightness and power (up to 500 W combined with a fiber of 1.5 mm diameter)
  • Low-coherence and monochromatic light
  • Pulse length ranging from 50 ns to 200 µs can be achieved
  • High flexibility via fiber optics and variable illumination optics


Users can check out how the CAVILUX HF can be employed in their field of industry, and how Cavitar’s customers have utilized it in the applications given below:

  • Shockwaves
  • Welding
  • Ballistics and explosions
  • Sprays and flows
CAVILUX HF Laser Illumination System

Pulsed Diode Laser Light Source for High-Speed Illumination

CAVILUX Control Unit
Light guides
Robust protective transport case of CAVILUX HF System
Tube optics
Filter holder and filter adapter set
Warning light system
Laser safety goggles

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