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Ideal Light Source for Machine Vision Cameras

CAVILUX Smart is a robust and versatile pulsed diode laser light source. It is extremely suitable for machine vision and high-speed cameras, in both industrial and scientific research and development.

Pulsed light power of hundreds of watts can be generated by the CAVILUX Smart light source. The light output is typically monochromatic with a low degree of coherence. This makes CAVILUX Smart suitable for illumination purposes since speckle or chromatic aberrations are not present.

The CAVILUX Smart can also produce bursts of pulses or random pulses with accurately adjustable duration, for the length of every individual pulse and each delay between the pulses.


  • A perfect light source for shadowgraphy and Schlieren applications
  • High power and extremely short pulses as low as 10 ns
  • Low-coherence and monochromatic light
  • Provides versatility by changing pulse duration as well as repetition rate
  • Ideal for ultra-high-speed imaging with short pulses


  • Schlieren imaging
  • Sprays and flows
  • Shockwaves
  • Materials testing
  • Ballistics and explosions
  • Welding

Ideal Light Source for Machine Vision Cameras

CAVILUX Smart System
CAVILUX Control Unit
Light guides
Robust protective transport case of CAVILUX Smart System
Tube optics
Filter holder and filter adapter set
Warning light system
Laser safety goggles

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