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ESI Rolls Out Micromachining Solution for LED Packaging Applications

A provider of laser-based manufacturing systems, ESI has rolled out the Model 5390 micromachining solution that is suitable for sophisticated LED packaging. The micromachining solution delivers high-yields and placement accuracy and is specifically designed for generating electrical interconnections on LED packages.

The company exhibited the micromachining solution at the SEMICON West Expo that was held in San Francisco, California.

The micromachining system, in a single layer dielectric material, has the ability to generate over 100 vias per second. It has a high-power CO2 laser, which is coupled with a high-speed, production-proven compound beam positioner to offer maximum pulse repetition frequencies of 300 kHz and variable pulse width for various applications.

ESI’s Senior Director of the Interconnect and Micromachining Group, Martin Orrick stated that the company’s customers were demanding newer manufacturing procedures that allow them to improve product reliability and light output on small LED packages. He added that the Model 5390 micromachining solution delivers a swift packaging solution through placement accuracy. The company’s manufacturing solutions allow accurate testing and structuring of micron to submicron features in LEDs, electronic devices, and semiconductors.


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