OFDM for Optical Communications

OFDM for Optical Communications

OFDM for Optical Communications gives a coherent and comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of OFDM signal processing, with a distinctive focus on its broad range of applications. OFDM for Optical Communications evaluates the architecture, design and performance of a number of OFDM variations, discusses coded OFDM, and gives a detailed study of error correction codes for access networks, 100 Gb/s Ethernet and future optical networks.

The emerging applications of optical OFDM, including single-mode fiber transmission, multimode fiber transmission, free space optical systems, and optical access networks are examined, with particular attention paid to passive optical networks, radio-over-fiber, WiMAX and UWB communications.

Written by two of the leading contributors to the field, OFDM for Optical Communications will be a unique reference for optical communications engineers and scientists. Students, technical managers and telecom executives seeking to understand this new technology for future-generation optical networks will find the book invaluable.

Key Features

  • The first book on optical OFDM by the leading pioneers in the field
  • The only book to cover error correction codes for optical OFDM
  • Applications of OFDM to free-space communications, optical access networks, and metro and log haul transports show optical OFDM can be implemented
  • An introduction to signal processing for optical communications
  • An introduction to optical communication fundamentals for the wireless engineer

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