Dr. Ramya Dwivedi

Dr. Ramya Dwivedi

Feature Writer

Ph.D. Biotechnology

Ramya has a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the National Chemical Laboratories (CSIR-NCL), in Pune. Her work consisted of functionalizing nanoparticles with different molecules of biological interest, studying the reaction system and establishing useful applications.

She also has had exposure to research in molecular biology, immunology, evolutionary biology, chemistry, AFM imaging and analysis, and spectroscopy. Her interests cover interdisciplinary sciences.

She enjoyed teaching ‘Physics in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology’ as an Assistant Professor at SRM University. After a short period there, she pursued research further as the prestigious CSIR Nehru Science Post Doctoral Fellow in the field of Nanosciences.

Her research helped her skill for writing manuscripts, news articles, and reviews. She has also contributed as a peer reviewer for journals from RSC and ACS publications. After a maternity break and raising two daughters, Ramya is now working to get back into learning, research, and writing.

When Ramya is not immersed in a book, she loves to cook, travel and play with her daughters. She lives in Chennai. She is also a budding gardener. She strongly believes in doing her bit for the environment and in healthy living.

She has recently finished an online course: ‘Writing in the Sciences’, offered by Stanford University. Presently Ramya sees her freelance writing as a primer to her endeavors in science.

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