Optics Balzers Launches New Optical Surface Coating TopFlex

Optics Balzers, a global leader in supplying optical coating has launched TopFlex, a surface coating that repulses dirt, chemicals and liquids. TopFlex contains hydrophobic qualities that make it resistant to oils and fats. It can be used for a variety of cleaning processes and has excellent adhesive properties.

The product is spectrally neutral in the VIS and IR regions and can be integrated with all coating systems. TopFlex possesses excellent hydrophobic properties even at a wetting angle of 120°. Fluids and dirt cannot gel on the surface at a wetting angle of 120°. TopFlex also withstands scratching and corrosion and has a film stability of up to 300°C, allowing TopFlex coated components to be used in extreme conditions.

All these qualities have enabled TopFlex to be used in various fields such as endoscopy, metallic coatings, special purpose cameras and sensor systems.

Source: http://www.opticsbalzers.com/

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