Demanding High Precision Optics for Space Observation

Drawing upon a team of highly experienced team of optical designers, engineers, and skilled production staff, Optical Surfaces Ltd. is today a recognised leader in the design and production of high precision large-size optical units and components for space observation systems.

Over the last 40 years Optical Surfaces Ltd has built an international reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of high precision space observation optics operating over the entire spectral range from infrared radiation to x-rays.

Benefiting from this unique stabilised production environment Optical Surfaces Ltd has developed a reputation for delivering large, high precision aspheric optics; ultra smooth mirrors, high performance prisms, Schmidt camera and Laser launch telescope optics which stretches the limits of conventional optical fabrication techniques.

Recent projects completed by Optical Surfaces Ltd include high precision optics and optical systems for the UV Optical Telescope on the NASA Swift Explorer mission, the TopSat Earth Observation satellite, the XMM Optical Monitor telescope for the European Space Agency (ESA) and the AATRS instrument on the ESA 'Earth Resources 2' satellite. The Topsat 3-mirror anastigmat design incorporated lightweight rectangular off-axis hyperbolas. A series of laser launch telescope optics (ESO) included ultra thin primary mirrors of 500mm diameter and 500mm focal length.

Investment in large aperture Zygo GPI, Twyman Green, Scatterplate, Fizeau and Laser Unequal Path (LUPI) interferometers allows one-to-one testing of even the largest diameter space observation optics. Topographic and fringe analysis provides precise testing of surface roughness and confirms the wavefront of various surface forms. A rolling program for calibration of test optics where possible to national standards and production approval to ISO 9001-2000 ensures that the quality of space observation optics from Optical Surfaces Ltd. is second to none.

For further information on high precision space observation optics and optical systems please contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on telephone on +44-208-668-6126 / email [email protected].

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