High Performance Video Tracking and Image Processing

Cedip Infrared Systems has announced VILGA - an advanced video tracking and image processing package for applications including maritime and aerial surveillance, missile evaluation and trajectory measurements.

Incorporating the latest image processing algorithms embedded in a compact ruggedised package the VILGA video tracker offers video tracking from multiple video sources installed in the optical payload. Easily adapted to meet a wide range of applications the VILGA video tracker delivers top performance as it provides electronic stablisation of images from external sensors. VILGA operates under a robust real time operating system (RTOS) with minimum latency time for critical tasks.

Using VILGA - targets are highlighted and overlaid on screen during tracking. The user can select a given target amongst several proposed by the tracker. Selecting and engaging a target in tracking mode is simply made by the user using a hand grip controller. Once engaged the video tracker will drive the turret to the target. The VILGA card offers a Picture-in-Picture mode (PIP) where two sensors can be displayed on a single display. The user can select which sensor to display as full screen when operating the PIP mode. The PIP mode feature is particularly useful when using a spotter scope in combination with a TV zoom camera.

Cedip Infrared Systems develops, designs, manufactures and markets high performance infrared cameras, systems and OEM modules for industrial, research, surveillance and security organisations. Thanks to a unique combination of technological know-how in electronics, optics, precision mechanics and software, Cedip's teams of engineers and highly qualified technicians, backed by a world network of informed distributors, support a growing customer base in more than 50 countries.

For further information relating to the VILGA video tracking and image processing package please contact Cedip Infrared Systems.


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