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New SLCD5 MX21 Embedded Controller Board Powers SVGA Embedded LCD Panels

Reach Technology, Inc., a recognized leader in Embedded LCDs, Embedded Touch Screens, and Embedded Controller Boards, today announced the SLCD5 MX21 embedded controller board which powers embedded LCD panels up to 12.1” with SVGA resolution (800x600). Large panels and high pixel density allow more controls to be visible at the same time, which is important for many medical and industrial embedded LCD touch screen applications.

The Reach SLCD family of embedded controller boards gives embedded engineers a quick way to generate a graphical user interface without a lot of low-level graphical programming. They can use Reach SLCD embedded controller boards to "write once, deploy on any panel" now, and in the future. Designed for use in space-constrained applications, SLCD embedded controller boards are mechanically easy to accommodate across a wide range of product form factors.

“We created the SLCD5 MX21 embedded controller board when medical and industrial customers started asking for larger screens with high resolutions," said Jonathan More, President for Reach Technology. “It allows them to get SVGA resolution in panels up to 12.1-inches.”

SLCD5 MX-21 Embedded Controller Board Specifications

The SLCD5 MX21 shares form factor and mounting with the existing SLCD5 embedded controller board, has standard LCD panel connectors, sports a 266MHz ARM processor, and offers wide voltage operation (5-12V). It drives a variety of backlight inverters, has a SD memory card slot for storage and upgrades, and provides ESD protection for the touch screen. The company will have full production by the beginning of Summer 2010.


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