New Low Latency Solution from Infinera Speed Up Data Transfer in Optical Networks

Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) unveiled today a set of low latency solutions for carriers and enterprises to enable customers to deploy networks that reduce latency to extremely low levels to support the needs of business and financial applications where nanoseconds count.

The Infinera low-latency solution includes a set of technologies and products that is designed to help service providers and enterprises alike with their end-to-end optical transport network requirements in both Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) environments. The Infinera toolkit builds on the features of Infinera's unique photonic integrated circuits (PICs), adding features like innovative dispersion compensation technology, native wavelengths, and network design strategies to optimize the network for latency. The use of Infinera's PICs and GMPLS-powered network operating system is designed to deliver greater reliability and resiliency than in traditional optical networks based on discrete components.

Colt Technology Services owns and operates an exceptional European network connecting customer sites in 34 cities and 19 data centers in 13 countries. Colt Technology Services have introduced a range of services to support their Colt Fastnet Ultra proposition aimed at low latency customers, including transport over their state of the art Infinera low-latency network. Colt is investing to expand and increment their Infinera low-latency network during the next quarter. "Today, every electronic financial transaction is a race and there are no silver medals -- the winner takes all in just a few milliseconds. Technology is enabling the new trading opportunities and strategies and is now emerging as a true differentiator for organizations, hence our introduction of the Colt Fastnet Ultra family of services," said Terry Quigley, head of Industry Practices in Colt Technology Services' Major Enterprise Division. "With our Infinera network, Colt is ideally positioned to support global financial institutions in winning the liquidity race. We have invested in the technology to ensure latency is reliable and optimized for our customers and we have the service level agreements (SLAs) to support our offerings. We are also working closely with customers to determine the best location or 'center of gravity' for their trading systems, which will enable them to optimize their connections to the various different exchanges and MTFs."

Native Wavelengths for Speed

Infinera has optimized its entire product family of long-haul and metro systems for low-latency applications. With conventional DWDM technology, a higher wavelength speed may not necessarily translate into lower latency. Optical functions, electrical processing, and other factors can introduce latency at any bit rate. Infinera's low-latency solutions take into consideration several contributing factors towards end-to-end latency, and are engineered to sub-microsecond granularity to optimize the total solution for delivering information across the optical network in as little time as possible.

"When seeking to eliminate microseconds or nanoseconds of latency from an optical transport network, a careful re-architecting of the network design is required to minimize the end-to-end contribution from both optics and electronics," said Chris Liou, Infinera Vice-President, Network Strategy. "Infinera has developed low-latency solutions that rely on the optimal mix of our range of products and technologies to deliver solutions that will give our customers a speed advantage in the marketplace."

Infinera's digital architecture is well-known for enabling rapid deployment, fast provisioning, and simple and quick operations. Infinera's GMPLS-powered network operating system ensures quick and easy route planning and provisioning. Infinera's low-latency solutions deliver all the benefits of Infinera's digital operations including outstanding reliability.

On April 26th, Infinera and Colt are coming together to speak at an industry conference in New York City, titled UItra High Performance Technologies for the Financial Markets. Infinera's Chris Liou and Colt's Nicolas de Vanssay will speak on the technologies and services that deliver low-latency networks. Infinera representatives will be on hand to provide an explanation of the features and capabilities of Infinera's end-to-end solution at Booth #114. Press and analysts are invited to arrange a meeting by contacting the Infinera representatives below.


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