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Edmund Optics Introduces Latest Catalog on Infrared Optics Components

Edmund Optics, the leading manufacturer and provider of precision optical components, has released its latest catalog, featuring infrared optics components for OEMs and researchers in manufacturing, machine vision, semiconductor and defense applications. The new catalog includes over 300 off-the-shelf lenses, mirrors, windows, filters, polarizers, beamsplitters and prisms specifically designed for mid wave (MWIR) and long wave (LWIR) infrared spectra applications.

Many of the components, which are in stock and available for immediate delivery, will be shown, some for the first time, at the SPIE’s Defense, Security and Sensing (DSS) conference in Orlando at Booth #416.

EO’s global manufacturing capabilities permit the company to provide state-of-the art standard and custom IR components at a competitive price to meet the most challenging requirements. EO’s capabilities include windows, prisms, spherical lenses, aspherical lenses, off-axis parabolic mirrors, and laser and imaging subassemblies and assemblies. The company’s line of over 300 off-the-shelf IR products also includes polarizers, CO2 laser beam expanders, and Zinc Selenide and Germanium windows.

In spherical lenses, EO offers a large variety of standard lens families in materials such as Calcium Fluoride, Zinc Selenide, Germanium and Silicon, as well as custom lenses in any of these materials, along with a variety of custom coating options. Typical tolerances include irregularity of 1/20th wave, surface quality of 40-20, and centering of 1 arcminute.

In aspheres, EO’s standard family of Zinc Selenide aspheres provides high numerical apertures and diffraction-limited focusing performance for CO2 laser applications. EO can also custom design and manufacture standard aspheres, hybrid (refractive-diffractive) aspheres for chromatic aberration correction, and off-axis parabolic mirrors for infrared focusing. Typical tolerances on aspheres include ±1µm asphere figure error, surface quality of 40-20, and centering of 1 arcminute.

In assemblies, EO’s standard family of MWIR Achromatic lenses offer color-correction and near diffraction-limited focusing performance over the full 3 to 5 µm range as well as lens designs for other spectral regions, including 8 to 12 µm. The new catalog also describes EO’s capabilities for providing a wide variety of custom and standard assemblies, including beam expanders, F-Theta scanning lenses, and imaging objective lenses.


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