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Aria Demonstrates Surveillance System Featuring Axsys V-14 MSII Cameras

Aria International Incorporated, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Aria International Holdings, Inc. (Symbol: ARAH, "Aria"), a company focused on providing specialized surveillance and communications solutions to a global customer base, is pleased to announce that it successfully demonstrated an airship-based surveillance system to the Royal Thai Army (RTA).

The final test and acceptance process is proceeding and is anticipated to be completed in the very near future. Aria was contracted in April 2009 to provide a state-of-the-art surveillance system that utilizes the Axsys V14 MSII cameras mounted on an airship and three RTA helicopters. The surveillance system is needed to support military actions that seek to discover and counter insurgent actions in southern Thailand.

The following components were successfully demonstrated and are being transitioned to the RTA:

  • Aeros A-40D Airship – FAA-certified, state-of-the-art airship manufactured by Worldwide Aeros Corporation. The airship is fitted with surveillance systems including cameras, recording equipment, communications equipment, and long range data transmission systems allowing all the video and communications to be passed to the various sites in the south of Thailand in real-time, facilitating expedient coordination of actions against any insurgent activity. It will also provide the RTA with a long endurance surveillance platform that can hover above suspected insurgents and monitor their activity before they have an opportunity to take action. The airship has the capability to operate at altitudes where it is safe from small arms fire. At altitude, the airship also has the advantage of being impossible to hear, thus keeping monitoring activity covert. This value-added feature gives the RTA and local authorities the ability to maximize their response activities and effectively monitor the activities of the forces conducting the response.
  • Grizzly Armored Vehicle configured as a Mobile Command Vehicle capable of receiving all the information and also guiding operations on the ground in a very hostile environment. This Vehicle is impervious to the road side bombs that are continually deployed against forces in the south. It was specifically designed to defeat such weapons being used against US and Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Five Axsys V-14 MSII Cameras, three of which will be installed on RTA helicopters. In addition, three extra helicopters will be configured to deploy this highly-sophisticated camera system consisting of long range day high definition camera and an infrared camera for use in special operations. These state-of-the-art cameras allow monitoring of activities at ranges unmatched by any competing systems on the market. The airship and helicopters will also be able to share information and coordinate their activities in searching for illegal activity or responding to insurgent activity.
  • Troll Systems state-of-the-art down-link systems are able to transmit live HDTV pictures to multiple locations simultaneously and over extended distances. Troll's down-link systems have been installed on all airborne platforms. Airborne video is able to be transmitted to tactical operations centers, the mobile command vehicle, intelligence centers, and relayed to locations in Bangkok. This capability allows real-time interaction between the ground forces and the intelligence forces coordinating the search for insurgents and other illegal activities.
  • An Airship Hanger and Living Quarters – Aria contributed to the construction of a modern airship hangar to protect this valuable resource and to provide maintenance and operations facilities for the RTA and our support staff.  We have also built our own living quarters on the base in the South of Thailand so as not impose on the RTA demands for additional space as they build up the regions support forces.

President of Aria, Mr. Mike "Bing" Crosby, stated: "The persistent surveillance system utilizing sensors integrated on an airship and helicopters will provide critical intelligence allowing the Royal Thai Army and other agencies to better prosecute criminals in the southern region. The system has been successfully demonstrated and our team will continue to work and train with the RTA to support their important Southern Border Surveillance and Security mission."


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