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Launch of New Fiber Optic Solution Based on NanoStructures Technology

Fiber Connections Introduces a revolutionary fiber optic interconnect solution based on nanoStructures™ technology.  ™Trade mark of Corning Inc.

The ClearCurve solution is based on the revolutionary nanoStructures™ fiber design which makes the optical fiber cable as rugged as copper cable and solves historic technical challenges for network installations, installing fiber in constrained locations.

This solution incorporates a new optical fiber that provides significantly improved bending performance with virtually no signal loss. It is far more flexible, yet rugged, and is easier to route within assemblies and buildings than today's standard fiber or even copper cables.  This new cable facilitates improved optical performance and reduced cable and termination device size, giving developers and OEMs aesthetically more appealing solution and products, while easing installation issues.

Due to its revolutionary design, it allows the cable to be bent and wrapped tighter than ever before possible. With attenuation budgets shrinking with higher speed applications, a 10 to 20% improvement in loss performance can make the difference between a link working or not.

We can provide customers with a bend-tolerant fiber optic cable that can withstand rugged installation conditions and still deliver high-speed connectivity for all their applications. With a 4X to 5X advantage over conventional multimode glass in bend performance, Corning® ClearCurve® cabling solution provides, Fiber Connections can satisfy those requirements.

Depending upon distance and speed requirements, customers can select among the following fiber: OM1, OM2, or OM3, which are suited for short distances under 300 meters and range from slow to fast signal strengths; and OS1 which provides for both high speed and long distances up to 1-50 Kms. Corning® Clear Curve® glass is available in both single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber


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