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Hasselblad H4D-60 Camera

Hasselblad H4D-60 -- 300,000 RMB.

Hasselblad in the United States issued a series of medium format H4D cameras. The H4D-60 is 60 mega-pixels; H4D-50 is 50 mega-pixels. The H4D-60 has concentration and APL (absolute position lock) focus and simplified and auto focus to enhance the photography accuracy and amend the camera image problems caused by rotation around the horizontal/vertical axis.

In the past, photographers have been accustomed to using the traditional auto focus system to solve the off-canter focus problem, but such systems are clustered relatively close to the centre of the image and can cause some issues.

In order to overcome these problems, Hasselblad uses modern innovation technology -- a yaw-rate sensor to measure angular velocity -- creating APL focus, forming a real focus. The H4D series' accurate data retrieval is suitable for all HC/HCD series lenses.

The H4D series of revolutionary features are built on the H3D platform and have support for auto-colour, image quality adjustment mode, lens support Anti-Shake function (available through IEEE1394 interface, directly stored in the computer) and additional Phocus 2.0 image processing software.

Hasselblad H series cameras lens design, development and production are in compliance with stringent standards and norms. The body composite is stainless steel bearings and aluminium alloy internal framework, in order to ensure a durable and reliable performance of the camera, which also applies to hand-held cameras and professional camera tripod use.

The H series camera image sensor sizes are almost full-frame SLR cameras -- twice as big, lowering noise and improving dynamic range clarity results.

The H series cameras have powerful functions: support for real-time audit systems, anti-shake lenses, support for auto-colour and 3F RAW format, and all the shutter speed sync flash light to ensure that in variety of conditions, the flash will work normally.

Frbiz Comments: Hasselblad cameras are expensive. However, the sensor area is double that of the full-frame digital single-lens reflex, at 60 mega-pixels. For general photography, it is not necessary to buy such an expensive camera.


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