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TAOS Expands Color Sensor Portfolio with New Products

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions®, Inc. today announced the addition of multiple products to its existing Color Management Solutions portfolio. The expanded portfolio now offers increased design flexibility, features and options for manufacturers of products where color is mission critical.

The new TAOS programmable color sensors provide more cost-effective, lower-power solutions for color discrimination, determination and measurement in a wide variety of applications such as color-point feedback control in solid-state illumination and RGB backlight systems, color adjustment in printers, industrial process quality controls, portable medical diagnostic systems, paper and product handling, toys, and games.

For emerging RGB LED backlighting applications in laptops, monitors and HDTVs, TAOS color sensors can be used not only to control the intensity of the backlight, but also the white point or color temperature of the backlight. In ambient light sensing applications, the white point of the environment can be determined by a color sensor and this data can be used to drive the RGB LED backlight to a white point that compliments the white point of the environment. The resulting richer, deeper and more realistic colors enhance the user experience. Additional packaging and features to include integration of proximity sensing are also planned.

“Color sensors, while still a relatively niche technology, are growing rapidly because there are so many vertical industries in which color plays an integral role,” said Carlo Strippoli, TAOS, Inc. Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “TAOS is expanding its Color Management Solutions portfolio to help our customers differentiate their products and meet their color-centric product needs. As an example, where color is an integral part of the end product, manufacturers can utilize color sensor-based systems to reduce their time-to-market, improve product quality through color consistency and increase efficiency through reduced scrap.”

Key industries and applications in which color is mission critical include:

  • Automotive:       lighting control

  • Aerospace:        lighting control

  • Computer:         copiers, printers,laptops,monitors

  • Consumer:         HDTVs, photographic equipment, toys, smoke/gas detection, paint

  • Medical:            chemical analyses, blood/gas analyses

  • Manufacturing   packaging, printing, process control/inspection,
    /Industrial:        solid state commercial lighting, robotics, food & beverage,
                                fashion & footwear, home furnishings, automobiles         

  • Instrumentation: diagnostic equipment, spectroscopy

All new products added to the TAOS, Inc. Color Management Solutions portfolio are available now from TAOS, Inc. and its authorized distributors. These new products are outlined in the attached chart.


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