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Revolutionary Optical Technology Reveals New Possibility

MEMSCAP, the leading provider of innovative solutions based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, today announces that it caters for the majority of the optical MEMS market needs worldwide.

Leader in innovative MEMS-based products and solutions for a wide variety of fields and applications, MEMSCAP also is a pioneer in optical MEMS technology. The Group is an optical pioneer on several grounds as it has affirmed this status in terms of technological progress as well as in bringing components to manufacturing and then to market.

First US company to receive TL 9000 qualification and one of the first 22 companies worldwide to obtain the certification, MEMSCAP today operates in the optical market from its North Carolina 6¡¦¡¦ Manufacturing facility. Its optical products are Telecordia certified.

Expert on mirrors, from the smallest number of ports to the highest matrices, MEMSCAP supplies vertical and horizontal mirrors; Pop-Up and translating mirrors; moving mirrors, deformable mirrors, shutters, variable optical attenuators (VOAs), optical tunable filters, and uses surface and bulk micromachining technology (bulk and SOI). Those products are made for existing applications as well as for the next generation applications.

Whatever the customer needs, no optical product is outside of MEMSCAP competence.

The success of MEMSCAP fully optical or optical based products is based on the extreme quality (surface smoothness and flatness) of the mirror, the reliability of the components, and the process mastering. From concept to manufacture through integration of the electronics, MEMSCAP masters the whole chain.

Those scalable products operate today in varied applications such as transparent connectivity, metro network (with IDE interface), long haul access, DataCom, Multiplexers, reconfigurable OADM optical interconnect for network reconfiguration, Vision Science and human devices applications, lasers communication and astronomy. Over 15 optical products now manufactured in volume have been created and brought to market.

MEMSCAP manufacturing resources and capabilities comprise highly developed manufacturability and processes, that enable extreme yield and give optimal high reliability.

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