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DVC Machinevision Announces MIL 9 Processing Pack 2 Improves Support for Laser 3D Range Finding

Bead inspection

MIL 9 Processing Pack 2's bead tool inspects material applied as a continuous sinuous bead, such as adhesives and sealants, and identifies discrepancies in application length, placement and width, as well as discontinuities. The allowable bead width, offset, gap and overall acceptance measure can be adjusted to meet specific inspection criteria.

Laser-based 3D range finding made easier

MIL 9 Processing Pack 2 enhances the support for performing laser-based 3D range finding. The physical camera-laser setup requirements are now relaxed so the laser no longer needs to be perfectly perpendicular to the scanning surface. This not only makes the mechanical arrangement more practical, it also provides greater flexibility in terms of measurement range and accuracy. Also included is the ability to fit a plane to collected 3D points, masking unwanted regions if necessary, to create a reference for subsequent 3D analysis. With MIL 9 Processing Pack 2, developers can obtain basic statistics on scanned objects such as volume and deviation. MIL 9 Processing Pack 2 also enables the use of the native 3D range data provided by third-party 3D ranging cameras.
Support for new code types and more

Included in MIL 9 Processing Pack 2 is support for new code types (e.g., 4-State, EAN128 and EAN14), histogram-based color matching for handling multi-color regions, an interactive utility for experimenting with the color analysis tools, and a number of basic image processing operators (top/bottom-hat filter, window leveling, cumulative histogram, binarization off cumulative histogram, correlation, flat-field correction, dead-pixel correction, etc.).

MIL 9 on Windows 7

Matrox Imaging will provide support for Windows 7 through a refresh of MIL 9 called MIL 9 R2.

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