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Metrology Helps High Precision Optics Manufacturers to Reduce Waste

Drastic manufacturing yield improvements are being gained by manufacturers of high precision optics. Utilising specialised metrology to characterise the surface form of high numerical aperture (steep-sided) aspheric lenses, production facilities are able to improve their process control to reduce waste by more than 20%. Bulk manufacturers of injection molded optics are reporting annualised savings in excess of $1Million.

Demand for high numerical aperture aspheric optics metrology is increasing significantly. The precision measurement of these steep-sided components is a huge manufacturing challenge that directly affects cost and productivity. Utilising dedicated metrology from Taylor Hobson, manufacturers are now enjoying enhanced operating profits resulting from drastic improvements in both yield and lens performance.

2008 saw a dramatic 45% rise in orders for premium specification PGI instruments, supporting the automatic measurement and analysis of these components. Taylor Hobson has many decades of experience in the optics industry and has specifically developed metrology instruments capable of the precision form and finish measurement of lenses and molds, without any restriction in slope angle.

This patented technology enables customers to accurately measure lenses, even with vertical slopes, to a ë/10 precision. Utilising this equipment, manufacturers of custom ground lenses and high-volume production molded optics alike are reaping the benefits of improved yields, greater throughput rates and significantly reduced operational costs. The growing production trend for more complex lens designs with higher Numerical Apertures is increasing the need for these metrology solutions. Even manufacturers of more traditional lenses are beginning to opt for the new PGI instruments, thereby future-proofing their important investment.


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