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New Energy Efficient Reveal CFL Light Bulb Available from GE

Now consumers can enjoy the clean, beautiful light of Reveal bulbs with all the benefits of a GE CFL. GE’s Reveal CFL light bulbs are the latest member of the Reveal family of bulbs. Reveal CFL bulbs produce clean, beautiful light that makes colors “pop” and can transform a home from ordinary to extraordinary. Like all of the products in the Reveal family, originally introduced in 2001, the light from these bulbs not only makes blues appear bluer, whites appear whiter and reds appear redder, Reveal CFL bulbs also bring out colors and patterns that may go unnoticed under ordinary incandescent light.

Now consumers can enjoy the clean, beautiful light of Reveal(R) bulbs with all the benefits of a GE CFL

Reveal CFL bulbs are twist-shaped and have a special patented phosphor to mimic the clean beautiful light that Reveal incandescent and Reveal halogen users are used to. But these new Reveal CFL light bulbs last eight times as long as and use up to 75 percent less energy than a standard incandescent Reveal bulb.

Consumers will appreciate the clean, beautiful light expected from Reveal with the long life and energy savings expected from a GE compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). Reveal CFL bulbs are available in 40-, 60-, 75- and 100-watt equivalents. With instant-on capability, these bulbs are rated to last 5 years (8,000 hours). That’s 8 times longer than the standard incandescent equivalent.

Reveal CFL light bulbs are available at retailers nationwide. While retailers determine their own resale price, consumers may find Reveal CFL 10- and 13-watt bulbs in the $5.99 to $6.19 range, and Reveal CFL 20- and 26-watt bulbs in the $5.99 to $10.69 range.


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