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A. Kruess Optronic Launches New Family of Laboratory Instruments

A. Kruess Optronic GmbH has launched a new family of laboratory instruments: 4 new density meters have been developed to meet all laboratory demands from daily use to high-precision measurements.

A common feature for all Kruess’ density meters is the built-in Peltier thermostat. It ensures a precisely regulated temperature with a repeatability of +/- 0.02 ° C. All devices possess a NIST-compliant calibration certificate. They’re particularly suitable for application fields in the GLP/GMP range.

Whether density, specific gravity or the concentration of liquid solutions is to be measured, results are produced within 1 second. All 4 density meters perform in a range of 0.00000 – 1.99999 g/cm³.

Emphasis has been put on user friendliness: A self-explanatory software can be operated in 6 languages on an intuitive touch screen, making special training superfluous. Individual password-protected (optional) user management allows each user to set up his own customized measuring methods. 9 methods are pre-installed to increase operator convenience.

Data storage and handling is easy. An SQL data base stores the last 999 measuring results. RS-232, USB and Ethernet interfaces allow direct communication with a PC, including integrated LIMS and printer connections. Data can be exported in various ways, e.g. in excel format.

DS7400/DS7500: Kruess has produced a world novelty – both devices operate with a micromechanical measuring cell, which is a new technique emerging from the oscillating u-tube. A temperature sensor is placed next to the sample, thus measuring the temperature of the sample directly. This method allows a much quicker temperature adjustment in between different measuring tests. Main achievement – and making these units unique – is the incredible low amount of sample needed: 80 µl!

Additionally, DS7500 and DS7900 scale up standards with 0.00005 g/cm³ accuracy of measured value and a repeatability of measured value of 0.00001 g/cm³.

DS7900 and DS7800 are “classic” density meters based on well-established oscillating u-tube technology. The u-tube made of glass is monitored through a window to ensure that no gas bubbles interfere with measuring results. For high durability and easy handling, calibration is done with pure water and dry air. A dry-air unit and a peristaltic pump for sample handling complete the instrument. Both devices are tough allrounders, providing an excellent cost/performance ratio for quality and quantity controls.

Application fields for density meters can be found in most branches. Especially to pharmaceutical industry, but also petrochemical and cosmetics industry, breweries and beverage industry, sugar, pulp and paper industry, waste water management and many others, density meters are essential for fast and reliable controls. Fast measuring and low sample costs are keys to better results and improved product quality.

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