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Ultra Life Headlamps Ideal for Anyone Who Spends a Lot of Time Driving

With OSRAM’s Ultra Life headlamps the name says it all. These durable lamps are the ideal solution for anyone who spends a lot of time driving, has dipped lights on during daytime, often travels at night or has vehicles that make lamp replacements difficult. OSRAM is the first manufacturer to guarantee its Ultra Life headlamps will not fail due to production or material faults for at least three years.

OSRAM Ultra Life with especially long life and a three-year guarantee.

What a hassle for motorists – it’s the middle of the night and suddenly one of your headlamps fails. You need to find and install a replacement soon as a defective headlamp is a major safety hazard. Drivers who are on the road at night or like to keep dipped headlights on during the day are especially aware of this. Because they are on all the time, headlamps in their vehicles fail more often than usual.

OSRAM now has Ultra Life – especially long-lasting car headlamps that make replacements a rarity even if the main lamp is used frequently. They are especially suited to long-distance drivers and those who use lights in the daytime. OSRAM’s Ultra Life lamps are the first with a worldwide guarantee that they will not fail for at least three years due to production or material defects.

Vehicle owners whose headlamps and lights are difficult to access can also save themselves a lot of bother and repair shop costs with OSRAM’s new Ultra Life lamps. Apart from the benefits for drivers, their durability is also good for the environment – infrequent lamp changes mean less waste.

Ultra Life lamps score highly in design terms as well. Their silver caps blend in with the headlamp’s reflectors. With clear glass headlamps especially this effect provides a particularly classy look. OSRAM Ultra Life lamps are already available as H4, H7 and H1. They have been approved throughout Europe. Additional lamps with prolonged life are coming soon.

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