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New 35W Powerball HCI Lamps from OSRAM Set the Standards in Shop Lighting

OSRAM Powerball HCI-T and HCI-TC Shoplights, which are now available as 35W lamps too, are especially effective thanks to their colour rendering index of up to 95 (1A) and excellent red rendering at high luminous flux. The 35W halogen metal halide lamps with Powerball technology can therefore be used wherever perfect colour recognition is required.

Modern retail stores are far more than just areas where consumer goods and provisions are on display. Detailed thought is given to the location, interior design and lighting of merchandise. The aim here is to place the goods on sale where the customer sees them and make them as attractive as possible. Which is why OSRAM now offers 35W halogen metal halide lamps with Powerball ceramic burner technology, whose top colour rendering ratings place any range of merchandise in the right light.

True-to-life colours

Powerball HCI-T Shoplight with G12 base and HCI-TC Shoplight with G8.5 base definitely add value to goods on display. The 35W lamps in light colour 930 WLD achieve a colour rendering index of up to 95 (1A) with warm white colour, have low colour dispersion and a brilliant and very high natural colour rendering in the red range with high luminous flux at the same time. They have been developed for enclosed luminaires and are especially suited to lighting prestige showrooms, window displays and museums – anywhere in fact, where outstanding colour rendering is essential.

The halogen metal halide lamps’ performance is due to OSRAM’s patented Powerball technology. It enables superior light yield, excellent colour rendering, long life and reliability. The spherical Powerball ceramic burner makes this possible which is far superior to cylindrical burner designs in terms of light distribution, colour stability and decline in luminous flux.

Function and reliability bonus

Powerball HCI-TC Shoplight is equipped with a Secure Fix base, which is far more stable, easier to fit and can be more precisely positioned than previous conventional G8.5 bases. Snap-in contacts have now been fitted to the sturdy bases, which fit the retaining springs on the optimised G8.5 holders exactly. This makes the Powerball HCI-TC Shoplight suitable for any lamp holders that comply with the usual standards.

Powerball HCI Shoplight series lamps can also be operated with the appropriate OSRAM Powertronic control gear. This combination provides a reliable system that offers protection from failure. If the products are used together, OSRAM provides a one-year guarantee on the lamps and five years on the electronic control gear.

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