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QED Technologies Announces Release of Aspheric Stitching Interferometer

QED Technologies (QED), provider of Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF®) polishing and Subaperture Stitching Interferometry (SSI®) metrology platforms for the precision optics industry, today announced the release of its Aspheric Stitching Interferometer (ASI™), the newest in its line of metrology systems. The ASI™ is capable of measuring steep aspheres with as much as 1000 waves (more than 600 microns) of departure from the best fit sphere, without the use of dedicated null lenses or computer-generated holograms, significantly reducing the cost and lead time for producing aspheres, compared to traditional methods.

Furthering QED’s introduction of its SSI-A® metrology system in 2007, which provides metrology capability for mild aspheres (up to 200 waves of departure), QED’s new ASI™ takes asphere metrology to the next level of performance and flexibility. The ASI™ is based on QED’s subaperture stitching technology and is complemented by its patent-pending Variable Optical Null™ technology. The variable optical null is a programmable opto-mechanical sub-system that generates a wavefront that closely matches the surface of the asphere subaperture being measured. The system takes high resolution subaperture measurements over the entire optical surface and the results are stitched together to form a full aperture map of the asphere being tested.

“The release of the ASI™ opens new doors for optical systems designers and optics manufacturers alike,” said Marc Tricard, Director of Business Development for QED. “We know that incorporating aspheres into optical system design is very efficient. In addition to increased optical performance, the use of aspheres generally results in fewer optical elements, less weight and reduced size. Designers can now incorporate steep, complex aspheres into optical systems designs with the knowledge that with ASI™, manufacturers have access to the right tools to manufacture and measure them accurately in a rapid and cost effective manner.”

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