Rotatable Ceramic for Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar Cell Manufacturing

SCI Engineered Materials, Inc. (SCI) (OTCBB: SCIA), a manufacturer of ceramics and metals for advanced applications in the physical vapor deposition industry, today announced it has been awarded a $708,715 grant from the Ohio Department of Development, subject to State of Ohio Controlling Board approval. This grant, pursuant to the State of Ohio's Third Frontier Advanced Energy Program, is for the commercialization of rotatable ceramic sputtering targets for thin film photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing. Specifically, the Company will commercialize technologies for the production of transparent conductive oxide coated glass used in thin film photovoltaic solar panels.

Rotatable ceramic sputtering targets can be used in production processes involving glass, stainless, or plastic substrates, making them applicable for second generation thin film and third generation dye cells. Optimizing the composition of the coating utilizing these targets will allow manufacturers to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

SCI has supplied materials to the Thin Film Solar (TFS) industry for more than 10 years during the industry's early stages of development. The grant from the Ohio Department of Development will be used to accelerate the core competencies SCI has developed during this period. SCI recently announced the appointment of European based CCT-Solar as its exclusive manufacturer's representative to the European solar industry. The TFS industry is an alternative energy technology currently experiencing rapid growth, which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future as markets cope with increasing demand for electricity, higher long-term rising fossil fuel costs, and global environmental effects.

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