New Leica Educational Stereomicroscopes

Learning starts with perception. Sensory impressions leave their marks and become the building blocks of knowledge.

Increasing young persons' involvement in their classroom work and offering them more opportunities to gather experiences independently facilitates their learning process. The new Leica E-series educational stereomicroscopes are an ideal tool for expanding the repertoire of teaching staff and are outstandingly suited to supplementing and reinforcing conventional classroom instruction. With the Leica E-series, Leica Microsystems presents five affordable stereomicroscopes: the 2 step magnification starter model Leica ES2 (10x/30x), the 4.4:1 zoom models Leica EZ4 with fixed 10x (8x to 35x) or 16x eyepieces (13x to 56x), or with open tubes (optional eyepiece selection, 8x to max. 70x) and the 4.4:1 zoom model Leica EZ4 D with integrated 3-megapixel CMOS camera.

The new Leica educational stereomicroscopes are compact, rugged and designed to be handled by students and are easy to integrate into classroom instruction. The stereomicroscope's use is uncomplicated and self-explanatory. Special microscopy or specimen preparation skills are not required in order to observe whole objects found in nature. The students will soon be able to use the stereomicroscope indepen­dently. As their instructor, you can accompany their classroom activities and enjoy their excitement, dedication, willingness to learn and surprising results.

The new Leica E-series stereomicroscopes are not toys, but optical instruments featuring world-renowned Leica quality and precision. The new Leica E-series stands out from the crowd of educational stereo­microscopes by offering the best value for money and the following features: Leica's typical high image quality, color and detail fidelity, mechanical precision for decades of maintenance-free functionality, precise zoom and focusing systems for the most exact control, power LED illumination system for incident and transmitted light. Light-emitting diodes last longer than incandescent lamps, use less energy, stay cool and require no maintenance. Our unique Leica 3-way incident light technology (patent pending) on all Leica EZ4 models provides observers of a wide variety of objects - from strongly structured objects to flat probes - with optimal illumination to obtain a maximum of information. The integrated LEDs can be switched individually, dimmed and combined with transmit­ted light. The membrane switch that controls the illuminator is integrated in the base and has a watertight seal.

The Leica EZ4 D, with its integrated 3-megapixel CMOS camera and Leica application software, allows the direct storage of image data on 128 MB SD card or the connection to PC, Mac, video recorder or beamer. the application software included with the Leica EZ4 D. controls image capture and storage, live image display on connected PCs or Macs, and the archival and optimization of image data.

New Leica Educational Stereomicroscopes

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