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New High-Power Ultrafast Amplifier System from Coherent

The new Legend Elite Duo from Coherent, Inc. is an integrated ultrafast amplifier that delivers pulse energies over  6 mJ at a 1 kHz repetition rate.

With a pulse width capability of less than 40 fs and M2 <1.5, the output from the Legend Elite Duo can generate higher intensities than other integrated amplifiers.

The Legend Elite Duo is a two-stage amplifier. The first stage features the same high-power regenerative amplifier design used in the Legend Elite. The second stage is a simple linear amplifier that uses a thermoelectrically (TE) cooled Ti:S crystal. Because both amplifier stages are integrated into one box, the Legend Elite Duo is compact, easy to use and very stable. And, while alternative amplifier systems require two separate, low-power pump lasers, the unique high-power Evolution-HE laser can pump both amplifier stages. Rated at >45 mJ/pulse, the integrated Evolution-HE from Coherent further enhances the Duo's simplicity and stability. The Legend Elite Duo, which can be seeded by Coherent's Micra or, Mira or Vitesse ultrafast oscillators, is especially useful for many power-hungry applications.

Examples of where high power provides faster and more precise results include pumping multiple tunable OPAs for pump-probe photochemistry, and in ultrafast spectroscopy techniques such as CARS and fluorescence upconversion. This high power also allows the Legend Elite Duo to be used as a shared resource, where the output is split in order to power several separate experiments

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