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New Coherent Energy Sensors Support High Repetition Rates

Coherent, Inc. has introduced a new series of pulse energy sensors that are specifically designed for use with high power lasers operating at repetition rates up to 10 kHz.

These High Repetition Rate EnergyMax Series Sensors feature broad wavelength coverage (190 nm to 2.1 µm), can measure pulse energies from 100 nJ to 1 J, and utilize a novel diffuse metallic coating that delivers both increased damage threshold and reduced specular reflectance.  These sensors are available in 10 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm diameters, and are plug and play compatible with Coherent 3sigma, FieldMaxII-TOP, FieldMaxII-P, EPM1000 and EPM2000 meters.

In addition to improved performance, High Repetition Rate EnergyMax Series Sensors also feature enhanced convenience and reliability.  For example, these are “smart” sensors which incorporate onboard electronics to automatically correct for ambient temperature, and also contain built-in wavelength compensation factors.  They are suitable for demanding applications in both the research and manufacturing environment.  Their reliability is enhanced by a three meter long molded cable with bend and strain relief which protects the unit against rough handling.  In addition, the operational range of the 25 mm and 50 mm diameter sensors can be extended to even higher pulse energies and/or repetition rates through the use of an optional heatsink, which can be easily attached by the user.

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