LALS Detector Achieving Results Not Possible with Traditional Light Scattering Technologies

Viscotek have announced new technical data that demonstrates how their unique Low Angle Light Scattering (LALS) detector achieves results not possible using traditional light scattering technologies.

Operating at an angle of only 7 degrees - Low Angle Light Scattering is the only GPC detection method proven to provide absolute molecular weights without extrapolation or correction. Unlike other multi-angle light scattering techniques that can only determine molecular weight by extrapolation, the Viscotek LALS directly measures molecular weight. The benefits of using LALS detection to calculate molecular weight is particularly evident when studying large synthetic polymers or biomolecules where traditional light scattering instruments give sizeable data fitting errors.

As part of Viscotek's unique Triple Detector Array (TDA), the innovative LALS detector represents a significant enhancement to the most comprehensive and flexible molecular characterisation tool on the market. The Viscotek TDA with LALS allows direct determination of absolute molecular weight, molecular size, density and conformation, and provides structural information on branching and aggregation.

For further information on LALS detection please contact Viscotek.

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