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21 October to Celebrate Day of Photonics 2021

DAY OF PHOTONICS is an annual event that promotes “photonics” towards the general public. Companies, research organizations, and organizations involved in photonics reach out to their communities to raise awareness about what is photonics and why it is important and promote the role of their organization in the photonics ecosystem and value chain.


Photonics is a Key Enabling Technology, together let’s make sure the world understands the significance and relevance of the photonics industry! Activities are organized in more than 30 countries around the world and encompass all kinds of demonstrations on the impact of photonics on our day-to-day life.

Join the Day of Photonics competition

All companies, universities, schools, associations, organizations and even individuals are invited to join a competition that offers a special award for the most popular Day of Photonics activity. Participants organise an activity related to photonics on the Day of Photonics, post information about their activity on LinkedIn and mention #dayofphotonics2021 from now until 21 October 2021. The main prize is a Virtual Badge for the most popular Day of Photonics activity awarded by the Day of Photonics team.

Supported by EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium, the competition will be held on the official Day of Photonics LinkedIn page where all posts about activities are shared. The post with the most reactions (likes, shares and comments) wins.

You can find out more about the Day of Photonics on the official website.

Photonics anthem and music video launch: Stand by your Girl

Photonics superhero Stella will make an appearance on the Day of Photonics. Stella & The Photonics will appear in a music video for the song “Stand by your Girl”, an original 1970s flamenco rock song performed by musicians in Europe and Australia. Written by Richard Medic, produced by The Right Street and performed by Stella & The Photonics, the video will be launched on 21 October, the Day of Photonics.

Stella invites you to #GooglePhotonics on 21 October!

To raise awareness about Photonics, the key enabling technology that impacts so much of our daily lives, Stella will be joining the #GooglePhotonics challenge.

Why the Challenge

Across all web searches worldwide, the word “Photonics” is typed into Google search, on average, 740 times per day. That’s about 5 times less than the word Photophobia (fear of light). And on the most important day of the year for the Photonics industry - the Day of Photonics - there are typically just as few searches as there are on any other day.

On 21 October, all that can change, and Photonics can get closer to a whole new audience of students, researchers, industries and investors. How to participate? Simply Google search the word “Photonics” on 21 October 2021, this year’s Day of Photonics. Stella will be googling it too.

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