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Equinox: An Unparalleled Single Frequency Green Laser

Our Equinox green laser is the latest addition to our award-winning portfolio of laser products, which have been enabling world-leading research and industrial applications for our customers.

Equinox is a single frequency, 532 nm continuous-wave laser designed for scientific and industrial uses, and it has been engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding applications requiring high reliability, stability and ease of use. Equinox can operate as a stand-alone 532nm laser and is an ideal pump source for Ti:Sapphire laser systems (CW and pulsed) used in a wide range of applications, including quantum research and systems, integrated circuits, space and biophotonics. Equinox is also suited to pumping dye lasers, frequency doubling and mixing, optical tweezers and trapping and biomedical imaging.

Key features of Equinox include:

  • Exceptional and consistent low noise performance
  • Up to 18W output – consistent performance at all powers
  • Single frequency – inherently stable and quiet
  • High mechanical and thermal stability – invar materials minimise effects from vibrations and thermal variations
  • Designed for precision performance and ease of use in complex applications
  • Easily integrated with M Squared's SolsTiS platform and its range of extensions
  • Remote operation via TCP/IP / web interface
  • Simple and rapid installation – umbilical can be disconnected from laser head

Equinox is another example of M Squared’s design and engineering prowess, creating the most stable and reliable lasers in their class.

The latest in a long line of pioneering laser innovations, Equinox aligns with our mission to create the world’s purest light covering the UV to IR in ultra-stable, reliable, fully automated market-enabling products.

Equinox incorporates underpinning design elements used in our award winning SolsTiS laser, creating a compact, ultra-stable and reliable product that can be routinely integrated.

Mark Hanson, Chief Operating Officer at M Squared, said:

“We are delighted to add Equinox to our laser product series, further elevating our range of pioneering photonics developments. This laser, in particular, is a testament to our drive to produce the very best laser technology available – creating a product with the greatest reliability, stability and compatibility to date.”

Graeme Malcolm, CEO and Co-founder of M Squared, said:

“At M Squared we pride ourselves in working closely with partners from the scientific and industrial community across the globe. Adhering to the needs of the customer base is always front of mind for us, and Equinox epitomizes how we approach our innovation process. As we begin to realise the full potential of the power of light – leading to advances in climate change detection and disease prevention – we are excited to bring this product to market, and further solidify our position as a leading provider of photonics technology.”



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