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Heraeus Black. Infrared Increases Efficiency of Heating Processes

A new infrared emitter design optimizes homogeneous heating processes under ultrapure vacuum conditions, with applications in photovoltaics and glass coatings.

Heraeus black.infrared is an innovative infrared emitter that makes heating processes more energy efficient and requires less space. (copyright: Heraeus Noblelight GmbH)

Heraeus Noblelight introduces black.infrared, an innovative infrared emitter that makes heating processes more energy efficient and requires less space. These black.infrared emitters are ideal for high-speed processes needing homogeneous heating such as curing coatings.

These emitters are also well suited to ultrapure processes and vacuum conditions. Therefore, the emitters are ideal for microchip production where trace impurities result in defective product. Precision glass, plastic or other coating processes where medium wavelength infrared is desirable and there’s a need for fast production in a small amount of space will also benefit from using black.infrared emitters.

The black.infrared emitter technology functions according to a completely new emitter principle. A specially developed quartz glass material (extremely high chemical purity) surrounds the flat, low-profile emitter. Additionally, the emitter construction enables high output homogeneity at relatively close proximity. The result is high infrared energy density that is very homogeneous and requires very little space in the production process.

Switching to black.infrared can significantly shorten process times, reduce space requirements, and considerably improve quality. Tests and development projects have also shown significant energy savings are possible using black.infrared as compared to traditional medium wavelength infrared emitters.

The black.infrared emitter combines an infrared emitter in the medium wave range of around 2.5 micrometers with high optical performance for the first time. This combination is unique."

Rolf Diehl, Vice President, Heraeus Noblelight

n the future, additional industrial heating processes could benefit from new infrared systems given that infrared emitters with medium wavelengths are particularly suited for glass, plastic and most coatings.


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