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High Stability 250 Watt Calibration Standard Lamp Proposed

Gigahertz-Optik presents its BN-LH250 250 watt halogen lamp as an alternative to the 1000 watt FEL and DXW type calibration standard lamp.

As the historical 1000W lamp standards become harder to come by, Gigahertz-Optik's BN-LH250 250 watt lamp is offered as an alternative to the 1000 watt FEL and DXW type calibration standard lamp.

Excellent short-term and long-term stability is achieved due to its highly stable filament. The lamp’s quartz envelope is frosted for a more uniform radiation pattern. The BN-LH250 includes a lamp base that fixtures the lamp securely in position with electrical connection made via two laboratory grade sockets. A protective cover with a transparent cross-hair target enables the precise and reproducible alignment / positioning in the calibration set-up.

Each lamp is subjected to a burn-in process prior to its acceptance. Only lamps that meet the strict burn-in criteria are released. This controlled aging process is recorded and confirmed by certificate.

Lamp calibration of spectral irradiance is provided by Gigahertz-Optik’s ISO / IEC / EN 17025 accredited calibration laboratory by DAkkS, an ILAC signatory. Alternatively, more cost-effective factory level calibrations are available.

Both accredited and traceable calibrations are available from 250 to 1100nm or 250 to 2500nm.

The LPS-250-BT power supply is available to power and control the BN-LH250. It is a precise frequency modulated, microprocessor controlled power supply for constant current operation of tungsten halogen lamps up to 250W and LEDs in remote control operation with low ripple signal. A current on & off ramp function prevents damage to the lamp filament.

For those customers who require the 1000W lamp standard, Gigahertz-Optik still offers the 1000W FEL and DXW lamp standards as well.


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