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Extended ace U Product Line from Basler - Eight Models Featuring Sony Pregius Sensors

Basler’s ace U camera series has been one of its most successful camera series, and the new models will feature the Global Shutter CMOS sensors IMX287 and IMX273 from the Sony Pregius series. The eight new cameras are part of the lower-resolution collection that goes up to 1.6 megapixels. The new cameras offer VGA alongside 520 frames-per-second maximum shutter speed.

Image credit: Basler

The IMX273 sensor is part of the line of second-generation Pregius sensors (IMX250, IMX304), which are well known for outstanding image quality, high speeds and low noise with a pixel size of 3.45 µm However, the IMX287 sensor expands this offering with a doubled pixel size: an edge length of 6.9 µm. The consequences of this for the sensor: an increased saturation capacity and a higher dynamic range.

The Ultra-Short Exposure Time feature in both sensors will be a welcome addition for applications with fast movements, such as in print and photojournalism; it allows for extremely short exposure times of up to one microsecond. The sensors also have a sensitivity that just extends into the near IR range; for this reason, the sensors can be repurposed for devices that require low-sensitivity in the near infrared range. Examples of this kind of secondary application are in the security and traffic realms.

Older CCD cameras, with their lower resolutions, could be upgraded with these new ace U models; the ICX618 CCD sensor is likely to be replaced by the IMX287 sensor. They have similar pixel format, so smooth transition is possible, but with the better sensor specifications, this analysis can offer additional optimization along the image processing chain.

The cameras contain GigE and USB3.0 interfaces for image transfer, and there’s a PGI feature set that allows the 5x5 de-bayering, color-anti-aliasing, de-noising and improved sharpness features for image processing from the camera. The GigE versions of these sensors have GigE Vision 2.0 features. As well as this, one can obtain the Camera Software Suite from Basler that will allow you to easily integrate the new ace cameras into the picture-taking workflow.

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