WITec Releases TrueMatch - Integrated Raman Spectral Database Software

WITec, manufacturer of 3D Raman imaging systems, is now offering TrueMatch, a powerful software component for accessing and creating Raman spectral databases. It can search existing libraries of Raman spectra to identify sample components and also allows users to create their own catalog of acquired spectra to assist in their research.

TrueMatch is available as a fully integrated option with the WITec Project FIVE software environment and databases can be brought directly into use in post-processing. Multi-spectral searches enable the user to identify several spectra simultaneously, and return hit rates that show the probability of a match for each individual spectrum. This greatly accelerates the process of characterization and is a perfect complement to WITec’s standard data analysis features. Demix search uses databases to describe acquired spectra in terms of pure substances, which can then be physically located in an image. Seeing the distribution of pure chemical components matched to sample features gives the researcher a precise visualization. Generated reports can be stored for further use in subsequent measurements, amplifying the effectiveness of the system as a whole and turning meaningful results into a valuable resource.

In addition to the proprietary WITec Raman database capability included with TrueMatch, compatible versions of ST Japan’s wide range of databases are available. Extensive libraries of Raman spectra can be referenced while new ones are created, all from within WITec’s fully-integrated software and hardware environment.

“TrueMatch makes it easier for the user to interpret their Raman images. It also greatly simplifies the process of searching through Raman spectral databases and creating new ones based on user-generated data compared to anything else out there. It’s the perfect complement to the standard analysis methods WITec implements in our Suite FIVE software environment,” says Olaf Hollricher, Managing Director and Director of Development at WITec, in summarizing the advantages of the new software.


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