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Biosensing Instrument Launches New Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy Biomolecular Interaction System

Biosensing Instrument Inc (BI) introduced the SPRm 200, the world’s first commercially available surface plasmon resonance microscopy (SPRM) system. The new SPRm 200 is the only scientific solution on the market that enables label-free in vitro measurement of binding reactions and kinetics of individual cells in their native environment. By providing the ability to study molecular interactions using cells grown on the sensor chip, this novel system redefines the frontier of SPR technology. Researchers can now simply select a cell and directly perform binding affinity and kinetic studies all with one instrument.

“Many academic laboratories have been developing SPR systems to obtain more biologically relevant binding information about membrane proteins, but homemade solutions are difficult to use. Now, with the SPRm 200, Biosensing Instrument offers an easy-to-use solution for investigating drug candidates and cell targets,” said Dr. Nguyen Ly, Director of Research and Development at BI. “Our collaborators are very excited by the new system’s ability to quantify binding affinity and kinetics of membrane proteins in their native cellular environment and to perform heterogeneity statistical analysis of different cells. Membrane proteins account for more than half of present drug targets, so having access to in vitro measurement really expedites drug and vaccine development.”

The SPRm 200 system’s state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrates optical imaging and SPR technology, affording researchers the benefits of both. Using BI’s new ImageSPR™ software, the binding affinity and kinetic responses of each cell membrane can be mapped and quantified in real-time. The system’s large optical field-of-view and excellent SPR resolution allows researchers to measure the local binding activities and kinetics of a single cell or multiple cells.

Engineered with application flexibility in mind, the SPRm 200 can also be utilized to measure the nanometer-scale binding activities of viruses, bacteria, and nanoparticles.

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